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December 2018 Release

RSVP has just been updated with the following two new features:

  • A deadline may be set for a RSVP. After the deadline all responses will be ignored. For further details click here
  • SMS text messages may be sent to members. For further details click here

Create Groups in eBoard

You can now create a groups such as committees in eBoard.

A new heading “Groups” is now available on the main menu.  If you select Groups you have the option to “Create a New Group” – his could for example be Youth Committee.    Having saved your group, select “Group Members” and then choose from your club members list who you want to be in this group and click on Group Menu.    You should now see your group and how many members you have in this group.

When you create a new invitation, you will see a list of the all the groups which have been created in your club and you can select one to send your invitation to, instead of sending it to the whole club.

Re-send Invitations to selected users

You can now re-send an invitation to individual members by selecting the re-send button next to their name in the invitation.

Additionally you can send an existing invitation to someone who is not on the invitation list, maybe to a guest who is attending the event.


Documents can now be attached to your invitations so that minutes, posters or other supporting documents can be viewed with the invitation.

Word, Excel and PDF documents can all be attached to the invitation and can be viewed on the eBoard web site or in the invitation email.

User Permissions in eBoard

eBoard now has three levels of user, Administrators, Inviters and Members, each of which has their own role.


  •  The first user set up in a new eBoard account will be an administrator.
  • An Administrator can add other users to the membership list and can decide what sort of member they should be.
  • It is good practice to have more than one administrator on your eBoard account.
  • Administrators can be deleted but the e-Board will not allow all administrators be deleted.
  • Administrators can do all that Inviters and Members can do.


  • An inviter can create and manage invitations.
  • An inviter can add new members to the membership list, but cannot delete members.
  • An inviter can send reminders, correct an invitation after it is sent, and can send an invitation to additional people on a “one off” basis.


  • Members will receive invitation emails from eBoard with a link to the eBoard website where they can respond to the invitation.
  • They can also view all other members responses.


A reminder can be sent from eBoard to everyone who has not responded to their invitation.

Simply click on the Reminder button next to the No Response list, and a reminder email with the word REMINDER in the header, will be sent.