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Wiveliscombe Rotary Club

This club is so pleased with eBoard that they have recommended it to a club in New Zealand!.  We have set them up with a trial account so eBoard is going international.

Frome Rotary Club

Users since October 2013, this club have found it enables them to manage their weekly meetings much better and can get the numbers right for meals.    They had no hesitation in signing up to continue using eBoard.

Langport and Somerton Rotary Club

Have been using Rotary eBoard since July 2013

Why do some members not receive their eBoard emails?

It is possible that some of the emails sent by eBoard, are not being received by your members.    This probably means their emails have gone to their junk / spam mail.

If any of your members believe they are not receiving emails from eBoard, ask them to check their junk or spam mail folder both in the email client on the PC and on their webmail provided by their ISP.  If they find an email from  or  they need to select the email and mark it as not junk or spam. Also please add those two addresses to your list of contacts in your email and webmail and try sending emails to those addresses. ( Those emails will only be sent to the developer of Rotary eBoard ( a.k.a. RSVP ) and no one else ).  If you are still having issues after trying the above please contact the developer of Rotary eBoard :

eBoard Presentation at District 1200 – 9th September 2013

eBoard was given a very warm welcome, when Rtn Chris Ringrow presented it to assembled Rotarians at the District 1200 quarterly meeting at the Strode Theatre in Street on Saturday.

All the clubs present could see the time saving benefits and the reduction in administration which eBoard provides.  Everything is managed using the web site and email to organise events and volunteering, and all members can view the responses.

Some concern was expressed by clubs who have members who do not use email, but Chris was able to explain that this need not be a problem.  Once the email users have responded  a list of all responses (and those who have not responded)can be produced from the site, and this can be circulated at meetings to enable non-email members to select their choices in the usual way.

Several clubs who are already using eBoard, confirmed that it is very easy to use and that their members love it, and one club is planning to change their apology system for weekly meetings to an opt in system, using eBoard to manage this and enabling them to save costs as well.

If you are interested in eBoard, you can contact us to request your FREE trial.

What are the different user roles for in eBoard?

There are 3 different types of user in eBoard.

Club Administrator
The Club Administrator can access all functionality in eBoard including adding and deleting users.

Can create new invitations, view previous invitations, change an invitation or send to other recipients and can send reminders.
Inviters can also print a list of responses and add new members to the Members List.

Will receive invitations from eBoard to which they can respond.
From the invitation email they can:
1.  Respond to the questions asked
2.  Select View all Responses to enable them to see all other responses.
3.  Change their response
4.  Download any attachment included in the invitation.

See also User Permissions in eBoard