Monthly Archives: December 2018

December 2018 Release

RSVP has just been updated with the following two new features:

  • A deadline may be set for a RSVP. After the deadline all responses will be ignored. For further details click here
  • SMS text messages may be sent to members. For further details click here

How to send SMS text messages

RSVP can now also send SMS text messages to members.

In order to send SMS text messages you need to open an account with Text Local. NOte that you may get a discount if you are a registered charity.

Once you have opened the account login into RSVP as an administrator and go to the ‘Account ‘Settings page.  Select ‘Yes’ for ‘Use SMS:’ and enter the Text Local username and password.

Save the settings and click on the ‘Test SMS Connection’.

On the ‘Add, Edit and Delete Members’ page select a member that you want to receive the SMS text message, click on Edit and and set ‘Use SMS:’ to ‘Yes’ and enter their telephone number in the ‘Tel No:’ box.

Each time an RSVP ( eBoard ) is sent to members, SMS text messages will also be sent to those who have been selected to receive SMS text messages. When they receive the SMS text message they will be able to see the Subject of the RSVP and then, if it is a ‘smart phone’ , they will be able to click on a link that will open in their phone’s internet browser which will allow them to respond in the normal way

How do I set a deadline ?

When you create a new RSVP (eBoard ) there is a check box entitled ‘Set a Deadline’ . If you click in this box two other boxes are displayed. One is the Deadline Date – enter a date in the future into this box. The other box asks you to enter the text you wish to display to the member if they respond after the deadline.

If after you have sent the RSVP ( eBoard ) you wish to change the deadline date or deadline message then select to view the RSVP ( eBoard ) from the ‘List Previous Invitations’ page and click on the Edit button near the  bottom of the page. You may then change or remove the deadline. Then simply save the RSVP (eBoard). There is no need to re-send the RSVP ( eBoard )  in order for this to take effect.