Monthly Archives: October 2013

Why do some members not receive their eBoard emails?

It is possible that some of the emails sent by eBoard, are not being received by your members.    This probably means their emails have gone to their junk / spam mail.

If any of your members believe they are not receiving emails from eBoard, ask them to check their junk or spam mail folder both in the email client on the PC and on their webmail provided by their ISP.  If they find an email from  or  they need to select the email and mark it as not junk or spam. Also please add those two addresses to your list of contacts in your email and webmail and try sending emails to those addresses. ( Those emails will only be sent to the developer of Rotary eBoard ( a.k.a. RSVP ) and no one else ).  If you are still having issues after trying the above please contact the developer of Rotary eBoard :