Monthly Archives: July 2013

How do I correct an invitation I have sent out?

Find your invitation in the List of Previous Invitations and click “View”.
Scroll down to the bottom and select “Edit”.
You can now make any changes you need and when you are happy click save.

When your members respond to their invitations they will see your corrected invitation.

Create Groups in eBoard

You can now create a groups such as committees in eBoard.

A new heading “Groups” is now available on the main menu.  If you select Groups you have the option to “Create a New Group” – his could for example be Youth Committee.    Having saved your group, select “Group Members” and then choose from your club members list who you want to be in this group and click on Group Menu.    You should now see your group and how many members you have in this group.

When you create a new invitation, you will see a list of the all the groups which have been created in your club and you can select one to send your invitation to, instead of sending it to the whole club.

Wells Rotary Club

Users since June 2013.

Weston-Super-Mare Rotary Club

First started using eBoard in January 2013 and continue to use it for all their event management and volunteering.

Sherborne Castles Rotary Club

Started using eBoard in January 2013. “There was initial reluctance to the idea of using eBoard, but this melted away as soon as our members received their first eBoard invitation and they saw how quick and easy it was to respond”.

Brue Valley Rotary Club developers of Rotary eBoard

Brue Valley Rotary club was chartered in December 2010. They needed a way to communicate with members, and were not keen on passing boards around at meetings, so they created the Rotary eBoard.

The Rotary eBoard has been used for all club communication including club meals, volunteering and 7 day letters and the best thing is that we can all see everyone else’s responses.