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What is eBoard?

eBoard is an online service created specifically for Rotary Clubs, to remove the need to pass a board around at meetings when inviting members to volunteer or make menu choices.

The main benefits of eBoard are:
1.  Members do not need to attend a meeting to be able to volunteer or answer questions as they will received an email inviting their response.
2.  All responses are visible to all club members so they can make informed choices about volunteering based on when others have volunteered.
3.  eBoard makes it much quicker to manage your club communication.

Here are some of the ways eBoard is being used by clubs:

  • Volunteering for events
  • Providing menu choices
  • Carrying out surveys in the club
  • 7 day letters

Whenever you need to ask a question, eBoard can provide the answers!

Getting Going with eBoard

Request an eBoard Account

Simply contact us to request an eBoard Account and include the name and email address of the person who will be Administrator at your club, and we will email you with sign in details.

Administrators – Next Steps:

Setup your Account from the Main Menu

Set up your Members List

  • Add and delete users
  • Create Inviters  – can create and send new invitations
  • Create Members – respond to invitations sent to them

Inviters – Create a New Invitation:

You need a username and password  which will be given to you by  your Administrator.

Email Subject:  Will appear in the header of the email so should be brief and informative  eg. Can I have your menu choices for the Xmas Meal
Description:  Will appear in the body of the email to describe the event, deadline for replies etc.
Questions:  Include as many questions as you like for your invitation  Can be single choice (eg Yes OR No) or can be multiple choice (select several of the following)
Options:  Think of all the potential answers you might want and add each one as an option

Who do you want to send this to?
You can send to the entire Members List or you can select the members you want to send to from the Members List.
You can create a group from the Members List to send to on a regular basis eg. committees.
You can send an invitation to someone who is not on your Members List.

Save OR Send Invitation
eBoard will send a message to your selected members asking for a response using links in the email.
Your members do not need to sign in to eBoard to respond to their invitation.

Inviters – Manage Responses

View Responses
You and your members can View Reponses and total of all members activity in response to your invitation.

Send Reminders  From the View Responses page you can send Reminders  This will send to all non-responders with REMINDER in the heading of the email

Create Spreadsheet  This will output the responses to an Excel spread sheet  You can edit and modify this as you require