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User Permissions in eBoard

eBoard now has three levels of user, Administrators, Inviters and Members, each of which has their own role.


  •  The first user set up in a new eBoard account will be an administrator.
  • An Administrator can add other users to the membership list and can decide what sort of member they should be.
  • It is good practice to have more than one administrator on your eBoard account.
  • Administrators can be deleted but the e-Board will not allow all administrators be deleted.
  • Administrators can do all that Inviters and Members can do.


  • An inviter can create and manage invitations.
  • An inviter can add new members to the membership list, but cannot delete members.
  • An inviter can send reminders, correct an invitation after it is sent, and can send an invitation to additional people on a “one off” basis.


  • Members will receive invitation emails from eBoard with a link to the eBoard website where they can respond to the invitation.
  • They can also view all other members responses.


A reminder can be sent from eBoard to everyone who has not responded to their invitation.

Simply click on the Reminder button next to the No Response list, and a reminder email with the word REMINDER in the header, will be sent.